About Our Company

At Creatively Classic Activities and Books, LLC (CCA & B, LLC), we know you can’t be everything to everyone. But there is one word in our company that matters most: family. As a family owned Entertainment and Consumer Products' company, creating joyful family moments is at the heart of everything we do. And like any family, we invite you to get to know us. In 2005 our founders—twin sisters Chanda A. Bell and Christa Pitts and their mom, Carol Aebersold—fulfilled their dream of sharing a cherished family tradition about a magical Scout Elf who listens to kids and reports their adventures to Santa each night. Thirteen years later, 13 million Scout Elves have been adopted in homes around the world, and CCA & B, LLC has evolved into a company of creative and passionate employees who dedicate themselves to CCA & B, LLC's powerful vision, purpose and mission.

We thank you for bringing us into your home and making us a part of your family story.

Our Vision

To Own Santa's North Pole

Our Purpose

Create Joyful Family Moments

Our Mission

"Tap into the magic of believing and love of tradition at Christmastime by creating Christmas characters, stories and lore through consumer products, immersive experiences and entertainment-based content."