Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, do you accept proposals, ideas or other submissions for projects?
CCA & B, LLC is not accepting new submissions or project proposals at this time. Submissions that are sent via e-mail or through the postal service will not be reviewed. Similarly, for legal reasons, we are unable to discuss ANY submissions, materials, websites or ideas regarding The Elf on the Shelf®. The brand is currently the registered intellectual property of CCA & B, LLC, and we continue to develop new products in-house. Please refer to the CCA & B, LLC website to check the submission status in the future.
Where can I find CCA & B, LLC’s safety information?
Product safety is a priority at CCA & B, LLC. Please view the Product Safety link under the Our Products header or click here.
How do I apply for a job with CCA & B, LLC?
Please click here to see a list of our current job openings and to apply online.
How do I request an interview with the founders?
Please contact our marketing department at (877) 919-4105.