2017 Overview

CCA and B marked a significant moment in its history—particularly its transition from publishing to entertainment company—on articulating a new mission statement: “Tap into the magic of believing and love of tradition at Christmastime by creating Christmas characters, stories and lore through consumer products, immersive experiences and entertainment-based content.” The company also defined its purpose— “Create joyful family moments”—ably fulfilled by a new product, Scout Elf Express Delivers Letters to Santa®. This storybook kit created an experience for the whole family to enjoy, with kids writing full-size notes on special paper, watching them shrink to elf-size in the oven and then sending them the fastest way to Santa, thanks to Scout Elves flying to the North Pole overnight and returning with the note purposed as a keepsake ornament to hang upon the Christmas tree. Creativity continued to abound. The jazzy tune and upbeat lyrics of the first The Elf on the Shelf® music video—Scout Elves Don’t Rest—quickly caught on, with 7 million views within six weeks.  It ranked as the most viewed video on The Elf on the Shelf® channels, and YouTube channel subscribers increased by 340 percent. 2017 also marked the relaunch of the official The Elf on the Shelf® Santa's Store—the official online hub for information about all The Elf on the Shelf® products. The Elf on the Shelf® brand continued to flourish worldwide as adoption centers opened in South Africa.