2018 Overview

On the heels of founding Scout Elf Productions™, the subsidiary charged with producing animated specials that bring the magical characters of the North Pole to life, the company focused fully on providing immersive experiences for families through entertainment-based content. The release of the new animated special Elf Pets: Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas enriched the cast of characters, including Scout Elf Joy Sugar Cookie™, Barry, the watchdog of Christmas, and Sampson, a cheerful Saint Bernard pup. The expansion of the brand Scout Elves at Play®—which focuses on enhanced moments of elf-inspired family fun—resulted in more engaging products: Peppermint Balloon Ride, Stick Quick and Orna-Moments™. The Elf on the Shelf® continued to grow as a fixture in international markets. The Toronto Santa Claus Parade, which draws half a million attendees annually, featured an Elf Pets® float in November. The company partnered with Kellogg’s to offer UK families the chance to win The Elf on the Shelf® Exclusive Prize Package through 7 million limited-edition boxes of several favorite cereals, with thousands of prize packages available to win from October through Christmas Eve. Social media initiatives were also launched in several international markets.